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2.9.2018 - National show Olomouc

Our Dior got CAJC, BOJ and also BOB among 15 entries in breed. We are over the moon.

štěňata cotton de tuleár štěňata cotton de tuleár

26.8.2018 - International Dog Show Mladá Boleslav

Our Dior got Exc.1, CAJC. Many thanks to the handler Pája!

štěňata cotton de tuleár

18.8.2018 - International Dog Show Bratislava

Our Cotonbrie Noir Dior Diorissimo got CAJC and BOJ in junior cl.

štěňata cotton de tuleár

29.6.2018 All our puppies are booked.

We plan the next litter in 2019.

štěňata cotton de tuleár štěňata cotton de tuleár

24.6.2018 IDS Brno

Our Cotonbrie Noir Dior Diorissimo was VP1 in puppy class.
Many thanks for handling to Paája Pichova.
Coton de Tuleár

12.6.2018 Many of our children became champions recently!

Kaemon Ráj Karpat - Champion of Slovenia
Odyssea Ráj Karpat - Champion of Serbia
Quick Silver Ráj Karpat - Junior Champion of Austria
Quovadis Ráj Karpat - Junior Champion of Russia
Quardien Angel Ráj Karpat - Champion of Russia & RKF

Congratulations to their owners! I am really proud of you.
Coton de Tuleár Coton de Tuleár

12.6.2018 New photos of our puppies

Two boys are still looking for their forever homes.
Coton de Tuleár Coton de Tuleár Coton de Tuleár

30.5.2018 Puppies by Janette

We have three boys in the litter by Janette du CRF and Mars the Sweetest coton.
Two boys are still available.
Coton de Tuleár

30.5.2018 Our new puppies by Tamera Ráj Karpat

All puppies from the litter are booked.
Coton de Tuleár

International dog show Praha

Yasmine Ráj Karpat got Exc.1, CAC and she is now fully qualified for the title Czech Champion. Charlotte and Elysee Ráj Karpat Exc.2, r.CAC. Huge thanks to owners of our breedings for their care and presentation.

Coton de Tuleár Coton de Tuleár Coton de Tuleár

We are celebrating 20 years breeding experience with cotons!

Coton se Tuleár 20 years of breeding experience

Club show Želiv

After many years I took a part at Coton Club show and I was pleased with our results. Our big hope Cotonbrie Noir Dior Diorissimo was very promising 1st and Best Baby of the show. Hessie Ráj Karpat Exc.4th and Brilliant Jewel Ráj Karpat Exc.
Many thanks to all for presentation of our breedings.

Coton de Tuleár Coton de Tuleár

International Dog Show Nitra 8.4.2018

Our Cotonbrie Noir Dior Diorissimo got VP1 in puppy class.

31.3.2018 New puppies are planned, they will be ready for their new homes in July.

We expect two very interesting litters by healthy and successful show parents. Parents are Tamera Ráj Karpat x Ihary des Sirenes du Cap la Houssaye and Janette du Castel de la Roche Aux Fees x Mars the Sweetest Coton. More info via our email

Coton se Tuleár puppies

20.3.2018 Quovadis Ráj Karpat

Quovadis is doing very well at shows in Finland. He got Exc.1, CAC and BOS under Markku Kipin. This way his jurney towards finnish champion begun.


Very successful weekend for our breedings in different european countries. Many thanks to the owners for presentation.
Oddysea Ráj Karpat - Best junior in Belgrade
Quovadis Ráj Karpat - 2x BOJ, BOB in Petrohrad, Russia
Quick Silver Ráj Karpat - Jugendbester and BOJ in Graz
Kaemon Ráj Karpat - CAC, CACIB, BOB in Graz

18.2.2018 NDS Bratislava

Quick Silver Ráj Karpat got CAJC, BOJ, Junior Winner of Slovakia, Kaemon Ráj Karpat CAC and our Janette CAC, Winner of Slovakia 2018 and BOS.


Lovely boy Noir Dior Diorissimo from famous kennel Cotonbrie in Italy has joined our coton team.


Janette du Castel de la Roche Aux Fees 3,5 years

Morgan D´Eramprunya 2,5 years

14.1.2018 NDS Brno

At the very first show of this year our Janette did great. She took Exc.1, CAC, National Winner and BOB under Robert Kanás.

7.1.2018 International dog show Celje, Slovenia

Kaemon Ráj Karpat and his owner Dareen got CAC, CACIB and Cruft Qualification,
Quick Silver Ráj Karpat - BOB puppy. And Monsieur Ames Ráj Karpat was BOB.
Congratulations and thank you for wonderful representation of our kennel.

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