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25.11.2011 - SHOW SEASON OF 2011 IS OVER

This year belongs to one of the most successful and I am very proud of my breedings and their owners, who were taking part at shows and my big "Thank you" belongs to them. I am glad that puppies bred in our kennel are doing so well, this inspires me to plan more interesting matings in the future. Already in the next we intend to plan several abroad matings. I would like to summarize successes of our breedings in 2011 and I wish owners of our puppies good luck in further showing. I would also like to mention that our kennel Ráj Karpat and our breedings got following titles in Cotonland competition:

Eimi Janus Suzi (daughter of Goliathe Raj Karpat) - The Best female of 2011 and the most successful coton in 2011
Olivie Ráj Karpat -2nd best female in 2011, 2nd best junior female in 2011, 3rd best coton in 2011
Prince Wiliam Ráj Karpat - 2nd best baby in 2011
Quincy Ráj Karpat - 3rd best baby in 2011
Our kennel Ráj Karpat is num. 2 kennel in 2011

Our cotons did well in our country and in abroad as well:
Monsieur Ames (Slovenia) - in this year met Champion conditions of Montenegro, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Slovenia, he recieved 15x BOB, 13x CACIB, 2x BIG 1, massive thanks to Darja Klevišar for great presentation of Ames at shows. Ames also met conditions to become C.I.B.
Monsieur Aymon (Denmark) - 2x r. CAC
Princess Diana (Finland) - BOB baby, CAC FIN, Best Junior female 4th place
Quincy - Best puppy at club show, CAJC and BOB junior
Rosemary (Sweden) - BOB baby
Ravenna ( Finsko) - BOB baby
Olivie - The best junior female in Ostrava, Junior Champion CZ and SK, Club Junior Winner, BOB junior and BOB, 1x CACIB

coton de tulear coton de tulear coton de tulear coton de tulear coton de tulear coton de tulear coton de tulear

I can not forget successful children of or Jespersen Royal Prins Danica
Draco Jarbo - 2x CAC Norway, 2x BOB
Diamant Lady Jarbo - CAJC, BOB junior, BOB
Dynamik Lady Jarbo - JCAC VDH, res. JCAC VDH, excellent at WDS in Paris
Fahrenheit L´Etoile de Procyon - Junior Champion of Luxembourg, Excellent 3rd at WDS in Paris
Alechandro Coton Angels from Dolce - 2x BOB junior, 2x CAC
Adeline Coton Angels from Dolce - 2x CAJC

26.10.2011 - PLANNED LITTERS

We have mated both our girls Anis des Flocons de Juillet and Cheriban Kleopatra with our male C. I.B Jespersen Royal Prins Danica. We expect puppies of nice type, rich coat, dark pigment and excellent character. We expect again very high quality litter of puppies for shows, breeding or only for your pleasure. For booking a puppy of to ger more info email us:


Jespersen Royal Prins Danica - Banderas syndrom: negativ.

30.8.2011 Genomia laboratory in CZ began testing of DNA Banderas syndrom - Neonatal ataxia at Coton de Tulear.

It is a very treacherous desease of puppies of Coton de tuleár, which can not be treated and affected puppies have to be put to sleep. This desease is attacking movement coordination and affected puppies will never learn to run or walk. I think it is important to keep an eye on this illness, because of several cases that have been noticed in the world. Since 1.9. all contons in my kennel will be tested and all puppies will have a certificate that their parents were checked for DNA Banderas syndrom. More about this desease here. Health control in our kennel will be extended since September - next to eye deseases and patella DNA CMR tests, we will add also test for DNA Banderas.

28.8.2011 Club show of small breeds, Finland

Ravenne Ráj Karpat got at her first show The Best puppy among females and also BOB puppy. Congratulations.

28.8.2011 CACIB Mladá Boleslav

Alechandro Coton Angels from Dolce (son of our Danica) got CAC, Olivie Ráj Karpat was shown in intermediate class and got her first CAC and CACIB.
coton de tulear

28.8.2011 CAC Trbovlje

Monsieur Ames got r. CAC at Club show in Slovenia.

21.7.2011 - PUPPIES

We accept booking for puppies, which will be able to leave to their new homes in the end of this year and in the begining of January 2012. Parents will be tested and high quality. More information at our email.

18.7.2011 - National show Mladá Boleslav

Diamant Lady Jarbo, daughter of Jespersen Royal Prins Danica, got CAJC, BOB Junior and BOB
coton de tulear

11.7.2011 - World Dog show Paris

Fahrenheit de L´Etoyle de Proyon, son of our Royal Prins Danica, recieved Exc.3rd in huge competiton in Junior class, and Dynamik Lady Jarbo was excellent.
coton de tulear

23.6.2011 - Club show Coton de Tulear

Big day for our kennel:
Quincy Ráj Karpat got VP1st, The Best baby
Olivie Ráj Karpat - CAJC, BOB junior and Club Junior Winner
Kleopatra - CAC, Club Winner and BOB.
coton de tulear coton de tulear

12.4.2011 - New pics of puppies in age of 1 month

coton de tulear coton de tulear coton de tulear


National dog show Ostrava - Olivie got her second CAJC, also BOB junior and BOB. And in honour ring she was placed as Best young female of day. I am so proud at her.
coton de tulear

30.3.2011 - New photos of puppies in age of 3 weeks

coton de tulear coton de tulear coton de tulear


Fahrenheit de L´Etoile de Procyon /son our Jespersen Royal Prins Danica) - got at CACIB show in Luxembourg CAJC and he is now young champion of Luxembourg. Congratulation!
coton de tulear

25.3.2011 - Club show Bichon club SK + CAC Nitra

Prince Wiliam got very promising 1 and also BIS puppy. Olivie in young classe CAJC. Second day Wiliam got promising and Olivie CAJC and BOB. She finished young champion of Slovakia.
coton de tulear coton de tulear

23.3.2011 - Photo of puppies in age of 14 days

coton de tulear coton de tulear coton de tulear

7.3.2011 - We have new puppies born.

2 females, parents are Madame Avelaine and Jespersen Royal Prins Danica
More in "Puppies"
coton de tulear

5.2.2011 - CACIB Brno

Draco Jarbo VP1, son of Jespersen Royal Prins Danica, Diamant Lady Jarbo VP2, Olivie Ráj Karpat Exc.2, Eimi Janus Suzi, daighter of Goliathe Ráj Karpat CAC, CACIB both days.

coton de tulear coton de tulear coton de tulear coton de tulear


We accept booking for puppies by our Madame Avelaine Ráj Karpat and Jespersen Royal Prins Danica. Both parents have complete bite, they are tested for eye deseases, luxace patella and DNA CMR clear. Both are successful at shows. We expect excellent puppies, for shows, breeding and also as a pets for families. They will be ready to go to their new homes in the beginning of May. You are welcome to ask for more details.

16.1.2011 - 2xCACIB Ljubljana

Monsieur Ames got at the show 2xCACIB, Slovenien winner and he was honoured by Slovenien bichon by the title TOP DOG 2010 among Coton de Tulears at the 1st place and in IX.FCI at the 2nd place. Big congratulation
coton de tulear coton de tulear

CAC Olomouc 2011

Olivie won CAJC and BOB junior, Kleopatra CAC, Nationale winner and BOB. She finished Czech grand champion.
coton de tulear

1.1.2011 – Our Eny and Danica got 1.1.2011 3 beautifull females.

If you are interested in more information, please contact us via email.
coton de tulear

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