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20.4.2019 We are celebrating!

Our Cotonbrie Noir Dior Diorissimo - CAC at Club show of Coton de Tulear
NDS Ostrava, Syrah Ráj Karpat - CAJC
Janette du Castel de la Roche Aux Fees - CAC, CACIB, BOB at IDS České Budějovice and became Czech Champion.
Elysee Ráj Karpat - CAC and became Czech Grand Champion
Quick Silver Ráj Karpat - CAC in České Budějovice
I am very happy for all of them!

29.3.2019 We mated

If all goes well, we will welcome our new litter within two months by our Janette du Castel de la Roche Aux Fees and Cotonbrie Noir Dior Diorissimo.

štěňata cotton de tuleár štěňata cotton de tuleár
Jch. Janette du Castel de la Roche Aux Fees a Jch. Cotonbrie Noir Dior Diorissimo

29.3.2019 Success of our breedings

Texas Ráj Karpat - BOB puppy in Finland
Quovadis Ráj Karpat - r.CAC in Finland
Isolda Ráj Karpat - Champion of Estonia
Elysee Ráj Karpat - International champion
Quick Silver Ráj Karpap - CAC, CACIB in Austria
Monsieur Ames Ráj Karpat - BOB & 3rd BOD Veteran - Graz Austria
Yasmine Ráj Karpat - Exc.3rd at Club show of Coton de Tulear

6. 2. 2019 - Kaemon Ráj Karpat

Kaemon Ráj Karpat had very successful show season, he grew up into a handsome male ans his owner Dareen gives him her full attention. During the last years he got following titles: 10x CACIB 1x res.CACIB, AUSTRIA JUN. CHAMP, 6x BOJ, 9x BOB, 3x BOS, 1x Bundessieger, 1x Alpensieger, 1x Crufts qualification, 1x Slovenian Winner, Multi champion - Austrian, Slovakian, Slovenian champion, C.I.B

cotton de tuleár

15. 1. 2019 - Puppy plans for summer

We are planning Coton de Tuleár puppies at the beginning of summer 2019. Dam will be our beautiful C.I.B. Tamera Ráj Karpat, we are still choosing the future sire of the litter.

puppies cotton de tuleár

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