coton de tulear Coton belongs to companion breeds and belongs to the IX FCI group.
Its beautiful coat seems like a cotton. Cotons have often a white-coloured fur, but we can see Cotons with coloured marks in their fur, too. Males are usualy 28 cm high and females are 25 cm high. Coton has a friendly and hearty character and requires a permanent attention. Puppies seem to be like a plushy bear, you simply feel like to take them into the bed.
Cotons are very thankful for your interrest in them and they don´t refuse any game. They are able to show us quite comical pieces in order to be the centre of our attention. Its fur does not need any special care or professional clipping. You have only to brush him every day and to bath and properly dry up from time to time. Coton is suitable for the alergic and astmatic people because its fur doesn´t fall out / It´s my own experience / and it is a perfect companion for a handicap people too.
Children love him and he loves children, so they can spend a wonderful time at long walks, during games and the other activities / But be careful, it´s not good to mistake him for a toy /. Coton is suitable for everybody who wants a little dog with a big heart.

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